water jet cutting

To produce smaller quantities closed cell foam packaging inserts this technology is the most reliable. It yields perfect scale and quality. To facilitate the cutting a scaled vector plan is necessary.

cnc contour cutting

The cutting is done by oscillating or rotating blades, assisted by a CNC programme. This technology is recommended to cut larger sized, 2D-formatted items produced in large quantities.

laser cutting

We recommend the use of this rapid precision technology with PU foams to produce sample or small quantities of products with small cavities (max 50x50x5cm layers).

compression punched cutting

This is a special cutting technology that combines compression with contour cutting. The cutting tool utilises precision-routered templates to fabricate the casing, closely tracing the contour of your product. This allows the packaging to wrap around fragile objects and precision instruments, protecting their entire surface.

die cutting

This technology is the most cost-effective solution over a certain number of product copies. It requires a cutting mould that is pressed through the entire width of the foam by a high pressure cutting machine. It can be used with any foam type.

foam screen printing

Would you like to print some text, your company logo or a slogan on the foam? We can offer high quality foam printing in various colours. Contact us for further information. Its possible only with closed cells foams as EVA or EPE foam.