PU foams

This is the classic “foam”. PU is an open-celled material that is easy to shape and fabricate. In our production we use 18-40kg/m3 density. It offers superior cushioning and protection properties and is a perfect solution for light weight products’ packaging for transportation.

Memory foam

PE EVA foams

This smooth surfaced closed-cell foam type includes EVA foam and “polifoam”. It is used to provide solutions for presentation protective packaging and in the protection of highly valuable, fragile instruments and equipment. Despite its low density, this material is solid and durable, and it’s thanks to these attributes that EVA foams are in the highest quality foam category. It is available in multiple colours, including blue-grey or red-grey bicolour combinations.

Rebounded foam

Very dense, compact and highly resistant foam material. In our production, we work with 80-200kg/m3 density. We recommend its use in the transportation of large and heavy commodities and in edge protection.

EPE foams

The EPE foam is commonly known as “foam foil”. It is an effective dividing layer and an excellent protective packaging for transport. EPE is a closed-cell foam that is easy to cut and weld, therefore it can be shaped in many ways. You can find product illustrations by clicking on the “Photos” button.

Latex and cocofibre pads