custom foam packaging

 Custom foam packaging, presentation packaging solutions from open and closed cell foam materials. Consultation, packaging design, prototype production, serial manufacturing and delivery. For more detailed information, please click on the “More info” button.




Ecofriendly green printing

Green printing implies both responsible and environment conscious thinking in life and business (energy saving architecture, waste recycling) and an innovative and highly environment friendly green technology (alcohol-free printing, recycled paper). How can green printing support your business?


In our selection, you can find the complete range of open and closed cell foam materials most generally used in packaging technology. Would you wish to learn more about the basic materials, please click on the “More info” button.

acoustic panels, acoustic foams

Are you looking for a solution that is perfect from the acoustic point of view but is also decorative in its appearance?

We produce and market quality customised decorative acoustic panels that can transform loud and echoing halls and offices into optimum living and working spaces.In our rich collection you can easily find the shapes and colours that are most suitable to your needs. For further details please click on the “More info” button.

cutting technologies

Do you have specific packaging requirements? We can help you find the most suitable solution. To provide the highest quality service we apply state-of-the-art foam cutting technologies.For further details, please click on the “More info” button.

other foam products

Do you have a special idea, unusual form,  furniture or product request made from foam material?

Feel free to contact us. We will help for sure.